Mahmoud Hesham, known professionally as SHELNZ, is an Egyptian musician, arranger, EDM Producer, who works almost exclusively with electronic instruments.
known by his stage name SHELNZ whose reputation started with his first mini-album release "F i v e w o r d s" in 2016
A self-taught musician, Shelnz has been composing since the age of fourteen,
but cannot read or write musical notation. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2012, but he did not like to work in the field and turned to study software and computer science
In 2019, he released his second mini-album, "Eastern Sorrows" Which has won the admiration of many musicians because of its dramatic musical nature
He first emerged from the underground electronic scene in Cairo, and garnered mainstream recognition after two tracks from his first album, "Burger" and "once upon a time in Sinai" were played at Egypt's biggest entertainment party
No specific classification can be given to SHELNZ's music when his mother passed away in 2020, he composed a classic piece 'La dernière femme' to pay tribute to her in his own way,
A few months later, he presented the same melody, but in the form of pure folk music.
His latest album "All Colors", is available now achieved high Record listen on All electronic listening platforms Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube music, and acclaimed reviews by music critics.